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December 21, 2017

The delightfully kind, hysterically funny and sensationally talented (did you see Shamed?) Nick Blood recently gave an interview to TV Line about his return to this week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Below are some extracts from the piece in which he talks about his close friendship with Iain.

When did you get the call to return, and what was your immediate reaction?
Well, there had been various calls and suggestions, the showrunners had spoken to me a couple of times about the possibility of coming back….. I think I first heard through Iain. I think he texted me probably when he wasn’t meant to. He told me what they were planning, and it was very nice to get the opportunity to get a whole episode of me and Iain. We had a lot of fun and were really looking forward to it.

Was it fun to develop the boys’ bromance?
Yeah, yeah, me and Iain are really good friends off-set, we’re very close, so we were both kind of buzzing to get this opportunity. Throughout the series previously, they’ve not really spent a lot of time together — they kind of had scenes every couple of episodes — but we have this great relationship that I think the showrunner and writers were keen to explore and have a bit of fun with.

I can’t imagine it’s a spoiler to reveal that Fitz and Lance get into a bit of a row over football — are either you or Iain that passionate about the sport/teams in real life?
We are! Thankfully Iain is primarily a Celtic fan, and I like Celtic. I’m a Liverpool fan but his English team is Man United, and Man United and Liverpool are big rivals. But Iain’s main team is Celtic, so he’ll happily watch Liverpool games with me. But he’s a lot more chill about it all.

Full interview

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