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  • S05E06 // Fun and Games

Let’s make one thing clear: nobody does the breath hitch better than Iain de Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge. The majority of episode is filled with longing glances across rooms, allowing for the silent communication that FitzSimmons have become known for. The fact that each of these moments feels so poignant (the culmination of years of mutual hurt, pining, and separation) is a testament to how much of a strength de Caestecker and Henstridge are to this show.

– Silje Falck-Pedersen, ap2hyc.com

But it’s Fitz who stands out, a man still reeling from the darkness that he espoused in the Framework and who believes that darkness is still inside him. His near slip-ups are smoothed over with horrifying, fatalistic detail. Watch as he describes the best way to control humans, or the small ways he cozies up more and more to Kasius. Even as he embraces his dark side to maintain his ruse, Ian De Caestecker imbues a struggle with every delivery, indicating his own attempts to maintain his humanity.

– Kevin Johnson, tv.avclub.com

Also doing a great job was Iain De Caestecker (Fitz) once again as we see Fitz channel framework-Fitz to good effect … I loved the little bit of physical humor from De Caestecker as he complains about his rhinestone brooch only to find out that it is some kind of larva – and quickly wipes his hand off on Enoch!

– Lisa Macklem, spoilertv.com

When he meets Jemma at last, he pours out his heart to her, determined to be with her even if the universe seems to stop them. He even pops the question. It’s too bad she can’t hear him because Kasius turned off her hearing. It makes that scene a bit heart-breaking, but it doesn’t mean things are hopeless between them.
Still, he’s able to get into Kasius’ head, discovering the ruthless Kree is just trying to get his father’s favor again while his brother Faulnuk seems to get all the attention. Fitz can relate. It’s all part of an effort to rescue Daisy and Jemma, but he plays his role well. It’s a great job by Iain de Caestecker.

– David Mello, whedonopolis.com

Iain De Caestecker rocks it yet again as the more ruthless version of Fitz and the directing from Clark Gregg provides for some really fun moments. Fitz is absolutely brilliant in all the scenes he has with Kasius. De Caestecker totally sells Fitz as a ruthless and inhumane bounty hunter. But we also get a few glimpses of the real Fitz and a few longing stares between him and Simmons.

– Ian Cullen, scifipulse.net

The declaration of love with a petition for marriage that took Fitz 74 years to offer Jemma is a beautiful moment, with a spectacular work – again – on the part of Iain De Caestecker.

– Ritter Fan, planocritico.com

Iain De Caestecker was great here as always as Fitz’s darker side was fun to watch, seeing him fit in nicely with the new crowd while having a few badass moments.

– Keith Noakes, keithlovesmovies.com

The team has had a lot to deal with, sure, but having Fitz back on the roster is a quick reminder of how integral the character has become to the ensemble. Beyond his relationship with Simmons, this episode is also a testament to just how far Iain De Caestecker has taken the character of Fitz during the show’s five-year run. He started as a lab tech with nary any field experience, and now he’s holding his own with the galaxy’s worst, and pulling out action-movie star moves when the plan goes sideways. All of these characters have grown a lot along the way, but arguably no one as much as Fitz.

– Trent Moore, syfy.com

  • S05E05 // Rewind

‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ has a brilliant and well-cast ensemble of actors but there’s no doubt that Iain De Caestecker is the strongest performer on the show. Portraying a Life-Model Decoy (LMD) and a high-ranking Hydra agent, season four saw De Caestecker step up with his most impressive performances on the show to date and from what we’ve seen so far, he’s continuing to bring the same intensity into the show’s fifth season. Having already made a name for himself in the United Kingdom, one can only hope that he has a long and revered career in Hollywood once the show wraps.

– Amy Hua, gigamov.com

This episode reminds us just what a brilliant actor Iain De Caestecker is – possibly the best amongst the show’s regulars. He moves effortlessly from the intense opening scenes to the light comedy banter of the escape. Fitz is both the brains and heart of this show, and we’ve been missing him … Iain De Caestecker is also brilliant in his more intense earlier, incarceration scenes. His first theory, that he’s suffering from Prodromal Schizophrenia, and his insistence that he friends would never willingly leave him behind are almost heartbreaking.

– Dave Golder, mymbuzz.com

De Caestecker really delivers yet again in this episode as he is so filled with emotion in this scene for Simmons – yet we also see the cold killer in him in the episode. It’s wonderful to get to see him nail such a wide range. He can even manage self-pity without making me want to punch him! … This was another great episode with another terrific performance by De Caestecker!

– Lisa Macklem, spoilertv.com

Fitz is visibly changed; there’s a light gone in his eyes and a tangible weight of guilt and shame that seems to have engulfed him. Out of everything the team suffered in the Framework, Fitz’s experience is arguably the most traumatising. His actions, his memories and experiences of his ‘fake’ life now intermingle with the contrasting existence he has actually led. For someone as intelligent as Fitz, this creates an interior struggle likely to result in more psychological damage. It’s going to be great to watch and even better tackled by a performer as strong as Iain De Caestecker who never fails to take his role to new places while always retaining the sympathetic nature that endeared us to Fitz in the beginning.

– Danny Hale, flickeringmyth.com

Iain deCaestecker integrates four years of character development into a masterful and moving performance that feels as holistic as it does deliberately reflective. Scanning through his experiences allows for the birth of a new Fitz born from Enoch’s cryo-pod, a figure both familiar and strange. To borrow unusually wise words from Hunter, Fitz has seemingly emerged as a man of both light and shadow.

– Michal Schick, hypable.com

I say this all the time, but Iain De Caestecker is probably my favorite performer on this show. That’s not to take away from any of the other cast members, it’s just that he has played so many distinct variations of Fitz. Each one as deep and complicated as the last. He never fails to make me weep. Framework Fitz was a monster, but allowed De Caestecker to do some of his best work on the series last year. There are traces of that darkness still inside him, as we witnessed with Enoch earlier in the hour. In “Rewind,” Fitz also stepped up and was pretty badass during that shoot out at the base. Today’s Fitz is definitely not the timid quiet geek we met years ago in Season 1. I like this guy, a lot.

– Henry A Otero, thetvjunkies.com

Fitz alone in prison being driven progressively more insane was handled really well with an excellent performance from Iain De Caestecker. His self loathing personality and self defeating attitude is explored in interesting ways and the growing frustration is excellently visualised.

– Craig McKenzie, kneelbeforeblog.co.uk

Iain De Caestecker is Emmy material. I doubt Agents will ever land a nomination in a big category, but I hope he gets the recognition he deserves one day.

– Lamounier, douxreviews.com

This episode was a departure from the current season. It was also a reminder how much Nick Blood is missed as Lance Hunter. He and Iain De Caestecker have a great rapport (both on and off the screen). Aside from the humor Nick Blood brought to the episode, De Caestecker gave another powerful performance, as he had to carry most of the screen time.

– Tony Guerrero, gmanfromheck.com

Unsurprisingly, “Rewind” showcased Iain de Caestecker’s comedic and dramatic talents in a way that almost makes up for the lack of Fitz in episodes 1-4 of this season. De Caestecker is always a tour-de-force as an actor and this latest episode further proved how much of an asset he is to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. While the show has had its fair share of jaw-dropping moments this season, there’s no denying that Fitz’s absence was greatly felt.

Iain de Caestecker did an exceptional job of conveying the overwhelming guilt that Fitz feels for the horrors brought on by AIDA and the Framework and the episode as a whole gave viewers a bit more insight into what our favorite engineer is thinking and feeling in the aftermath. Fitz’s deep fear of becoming the man he was in the Framework is something that he struggled with throughout the course of the episode, as well as the series in general, and actually getting to see him do so was welcome.

– Silje Falck-Pedersen, ap2hyc.com

The chemistry between de Caestecker and Blood, who rarely had time together when Nick Blood was a staple in the series, is immediate and fluid in the classic “brain vs. muscle” dynamic. However, rather than relying on this dynamic, Titley cleverly writes Fitz how essential it was to be written: a man tortured by all that lived and with his black side latent, just below its smooth surface. And Iain De Caestecker more than meets our expectations in this regard, keeping himself, at first, absolutely obsessed with Jemma and what happened to her, then bursting forth before a hesitant but polite Enoch (Joel Stoffer) and finally literally switching of roles with Hunter in a very well executed sequence in which he holds the military with two pistols in his hands while his colleague starts the Zephyr. Throughout the episode, we realized very clearly how much his genocidal version of the Framework affected the character we learned to love. From a dedicated and timid scientist at the beginning of the series to a passionate hero, Fitz arrives perhaps at what we can call the high point of his development in a perfect fusion of each person he has taken, dangerously slipping on his dark side that seems to give him energy and strength

– Ritter Fan, planocritico.com

With his first full episode of Season 5, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Iain De Caestecker reiterated his Performer of the Year finalist status — starting with Fitz puzzling over his team’s vanishing (and his being pinned as perpetrator), then when he drew a gun on Enoch, desperate to know why he and Jemma had been separated (again). It was a quieter scene, however, where the Scot most moved us. “It does seem like the universe doesn’t want us to be together,” Fitz suggested to Hunter of his and Jemma’s star-crossed, “cursed”-by-distance fate. “Maybe it’s trying to protect her from what I was in the Framework, ’cause that came from inside me.” In the end, that dash of “The Doctor” may be what helps save the day. As Fitz assured Enoch in the closing seconds, “I have it in me” to fight through the galaxy’s very worst and rescue Jemma.

– Matt Mitovich, tvline.com

The greatest burden rested on the shoulders of Iain De Caestecker as Fitz, and he was simply brilliant throughout, from Fitz’s progression from shock and confusion through frustration to weariness to a new hope.

– Kathleen Wiedel, tvfanatic.com

Iain De Caestecker was great here as Fitz and it will be interesting to see this version of him with the rest of the gang hopefully very soon.

– Keith Noakes, keithlovesmovies.com

This episode had a different feel to it with the absence of most of the cast, but Iain and guest star Nick Blood held their own and carried the episode. Being back in current time was a nice feel compared to being in an unknown future. Seeing the changes in Fitz’ character over the years has been interesting and Iain has done an amazing job of highlighting the changes in his character’s personality and mindset without overselling it

– Kira McCall, myfantasysportstalk.com